3D Engine Overview

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Rendering Engine Highlights

  • WakingApp's 3d engine was designed with the goal to achieve maximum frame rate and quality on mobile platforms - iOS/Android.

(You may watch high-framerate performance demo video Here).

  • Relies on OpenGL ES 3.0 for mobile and OpenGL 4.3 for Desktop.
  • The SDK Designed to be easily integrated into IOS/Android new & existing native apps.
  • Component-based design
1 WAModel* model = CreateObject("Model")->AddComponent<WAModel>();
2 model->LoadModel("watch/watch.gltf");
  • Lightweight and Non-bloating, as little as 3MB addition to the app.

Rendering Engine Capabilities

  • The SDK utilizes PBR methods for drawing objects.
  • Enables dynamic soft shadows and screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) for a more realistic rendering through OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • 3D animations
  • 3D Text rendering (SDF) - Render text at any scale without compromising quality.
  • Skybox system
  • 2D GUI (buttons, text etc.)
  • 3D picking
  • Built in touch inputs like Scaling and Rotation.
  • Video Material, use MP4 files as textures.
  • Audio (both mono & stereo based on position in 3D space)

Pbr03.jpg Pbr02.jpg Pbr01.jpg

Supported Formats

WakingApp's rendering engine was one of the first few to adopt GLTF as the 3D model format for the engine. Currently complying with GLTF 1.0 specs + a custom extension for the PBR material system.

  • The SDK renders GLTF (OpenGL's Official transmission format).
  • The SDK Auto-converts FBX, DAE, OBJ and STL, SLDRT files into GLTF by our cloud solution.

Embed within iOS / Android Apps

Supports iOS9+ and Android 4.2+ , the integration is very simple: Getting Started.

Android support for ARM & X86 processors.


The SDK comes with a powerful and easy to use API for Android / iOS (with C++ / future - JavaScript binding).

  • Only part of the SDK capabilities are exposed in the API at the moment, this is work in progress updated every week in our API docs.